Choose your Life Partner Wisely! :)

Choose your spouse carefully. Being single and feeling lonely is better than being married and feeling lonely.

This quote may be founded upon older principles but it is my belief that this is a truth that will help people for generations to come. Things these days are different in our society and it seems that marriage is just another form of life that people are instantly gratified of when it happens, but it is an institution that has lost importance in the minds and hearts of people because so many of them fail.


Never get married for the wrong reasons, often times you can feel in your heart what exactly the wrong reasons are. When you are truly in love with someone it will be way too hard to even imagine life without him or her.

If someone isn’t the right one for you, don’t drag out the relationship and lead the other person on. Likewise, be willing to make the bold move of committing to be with someone forever when you know that it is real. After all, life is much too short to live unhappily 🙂 Think twice, Act Wise! 🙂


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