Things I Face Being An Unmarried Woman

Relatives nagging you about your marital status

You go off to work only to see your friend telling you that she’s getting married.

You log onto facebook and your timeline is filled with pictures of Bridal shower, engagements, weddings, Baby Shower, new-borns, etc.

You get wedding and engagement invitations all the time.

Next comes finding a good outfit for the wedding which is a nightmare

When you’re at the party, you find most of your old classmates/friends with their spouses


You feel bad about your marital status for a second, but then you notice how all your friends’ lives have changed post marriage. And you’re not ready for that right now.

All of these classmates start asking you questions about your marital status. Are you married?” “Do you have a boyfriend?” “Are your parents looking for someone?” uuuh uhh

Your parents are constantly surrounded by relatives asking why you aren’t married yet

And they(relatives) jump to ridiculous conclusions all by themselves…

For example: One of my relative have said to my friend that I have decided to marry only after earning lots of money. BULLSHIT!!!!

You have even lied about your wedding just to shut people up

“Yes, I’m getting married in 2015.”

You are used to people telling you that you won’t be able to have kids when you get old

《《 I have no idea that the sole purpose of life is popping out one kid after another.》》

But, despite all this going on, you’re glad that you chose to live life on your own terms,Because that’s exactly what matters.

And when you’re ready,  you’ll tie the knot with someone you truly respect

..and it will be romantic as hell :p

There’s a time for everything, and right now, the time is yours. 🙂


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