Don’t Be too Humble or You’ll Crumble! ;)


Advice to people who are moving from Small towns to City! 🙂

Don’t be too Humble! 🙂

Let me tell from my experience:

We’re taught by our parents to be humble and let our actions do the talking. What you have been able to accomplish, and how you influence the people around you will always speak louder than words. BUT!!!!!!!

If we are down to earth :

》People will underestimate you

》If nobody hears about what great things you have done,they may assume that you are just not doing anything great

NOTE : City people judge your abilities based on what you have shown or told others.


》Showcase yourself.

》Show people what you can do or what you have accomplished – that way, you are not overlooked ,,,

There is no shame in reminding people what you’re good at, what you’ve accomplished, and ultimately, what sets you apart from everyone else.


No one likes a show-off or arrogance. We tend to enjoy the company of those who are genuine and humble. But what I personally have found interesting and challenging is the balance between being humble and being too humble….


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