Thalessary Mutton Biryani

Just made Thalessery Mutton Biryani…. 🙂 Thanks Mummy Jaya Latha for the edupidi Velai (for helping) :v :v & Dad Bapty for the Encouragement 😉

Let’s know about Thalessery, ,,,

This is a commercial town on the Malabar Coast in the Kannur district, state of Kerala, India, bordered by the districts of Mahé (Pondicherry), Kozhikode, Wayanad and Kodagu (Karnataka). It is the second largest populated municipality of North Malabar. The Europeans nicknamed the town “Paris” or in other words “The Paris of Malabar”, as it was the sole French military base in Kerala in that era.

Thalassery is known for its biryani ,Unlike other biriyani cuisines Thalassery biryani Kaima/Jeerakasala rice instead of the usual basmati rice.The influence of Arabian/Mughal culture is evident, especially in the dishes of the Muslim community, although many have become popular among all communities. 🙂



Sorry,,, for the written recipe & also for not mentioning the Ingredients,,,, But I promise you all that if you  follow each and every step , ,, it’ll turn out really well,,,,, 🙂


Serve with Onion Raita & Boiled Egg 🙂


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