I’m a Crazy Weirdo! :)

To start with , I’m posting in my blog ‘After a long time….Finally I thought that, atleast today I should post a Topic! 🙂 I finally found a topic! 🙂


This is something that I & my family (parents & sis) BELIEVE in a lot – when we hear someone get engaged/married, or bought their First Home, or achieved something great in their Career, we give them our GOOD WISHES! We genuinely feel happy when people around us are doing well. 🙂 It is nothing to be envious about, and it shouldn’t make you feel you’ve achieved less. 🙂

After all ,Not many know that,,,Happiness is written for Everyone – just at different TIMES. 🙂 You are on a different Journey, and your time will come, too! Until then, BE GRACIOUS, BE KIND and allow the JOY OF OTHERS to SPILL ONTO YOU. 🙂 It actually a great feeling being a PART of someone else’s SUNSHINE. 🙂

Am I RIGHT Guys? 🙂